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Wrigley and Kirkwall, Orkney The Reel

Every *Saturday Night @ The Reel

from 8pm


All welcome, listen or join in to this informal traditional music pub session

In May 1989 a number of local musicians had been to Shetland for the Folk Festival and had been discussing how great it was to have ‘The Lounge’ in Shetland which served as a great pub for traditional music all day, every day.

Someone suggested we should start our own weekly Saturday session which would always be the same place at the same time, encouraging folk to come any time!

Some 21 years on its still going from strength to strength.  Its success is that it is a weekly session held religiously so that visitors and locals alike always know its on and are welcome to come along.  

Been an informal event; it can vary greatly in musician numbers and starting times but its worth the wait as the music session is first rate - and you never know who could show up!  

Bring along an instrument or just sit and enjoy the atmosphere!

it is advisable to confirm by calling The Reel in advance (particularly during holidays)

*as an informal event we cannot guarantee their will be a session starting at 8pm, please accept our apologies if your come and are disappointed to find no music.

Contact The Reel (01856 87 1000)

Saturday Night  Reel Sessions

Local musicians get together on Saturday Evening throughout the Year