This is our most affordable way to get you started learning to play an instrument.  The classes are specially selected so that you can be guaranteed you won’t be put in over your depth.  Learning in a group is a great way to keep you going - and we have a really good time!  Contact us if you would prefer individual lessons.


Classes at The Reel

Kids Saturday Guitar Class With Hazel Wigley

7 week course  starts Sat 7th January 2016  £42

  Also advanced and beginner kids classes may be possible subject to    numbers.

    Beginners Acoustic Guitar

Hazel Wrigley welcomes absolute beginner adult guitarists to join her in “getting going on the guitar”.

You will learn basic musical theory, how to play chords, helpful starter techniques, rhythm and timing whilst enjoying playing in a group for the first time. This fun and informal class will gently help build up your confidence in playing guitar.

7 week course starts Sat 7th January 2pm—3pm

Cost £42 payable in advance.

Intermediate Acoustic Guitar

Hazel will work through chord shapes and progressions, key signatures, rhythms, walking bass lines and general accompaniment skills of the acoustic guitarist.

Players must be able to play bar chords.

7 week course starts Sat 7th January 3pm—4pm

Cost £42 payable in advance.

Teen Guitar Classes at ‘The Reel’ for 13-17 year olds with James Nicolson  are on Friday afternoons  from 2:00-2:45. Ask for more details.

The class with be learning a mixture of country, blues, traditional and popular music!

New Term Starts

 January 7th 2016


All classes are run subject to sufficient enrolments, new classes can be arranged if there is sufficient interest. Why not get together with a group of a group of friends and form a new class!

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