From private one on one lessons & small groups or classes we have a wide range of alternatives in order to accommodate any age or ability and to suit any pocket.                                                          

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Price Bracket A  - Class ( 6 or more students)

This is our most affordable way to get started.  The classes are specially selected so that you can be guaranteed you won’t be put in over your depth.  Learning in a group is a really good way to keep you going - and we have a really good time!  Classes normally last 45 minutes and to one hour depending on size and tutor.  Cost:  £35 to £42 per 7 week term.

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Price Bracket B  - Small Group (3 - 5 students)

A little more expensive than the class, these groups are intended for those who find a large class a little intimidating but don’t want to spend too much more.  Cost:  £6 per person per week (½ hour lesson)  

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Price Bracket C  - Two Sharing

Another option is for two students to share a tutor.  You can suggest students who you would like to be put together or wait for us to try and find you a match.  Students must be of a similar ability and obviously play the same instrument.  Cost:  £8 per person per week (½ hour lesson)  

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Price Bracket D  - One-on-One - APPRENTICE TUTOR

Our apprentice tutors are hand picked youngsters who are studying music at school to a very high level.  This is a way of allowing them to gain valuable teaching experience giving us alternative one-on-one price option.  The apprentices are monitored by their mentor and given help and advice where ever they need it.  Cost:  £10 per person per week (½ hour lesson) and £5 (¼ hour)  back to top>>                                                                                ENROL NOW>>

E  One-on-One £12 - £13 pppw (½ hour) £20 - £25 (1 hr)

This is our highest option.  One-on-one personalised tuition for the student who would like the best help we can offer.  Cost:  £12/£13 per person per week (½ hour lesson) £20/£25 (1 hour lesson) depending on the turor selected.

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